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June 27, 2022
The case for Yellowtail RAS

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May 25, 2022
Salmon Evolution gears up for first harvest at Indre Harøy

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April 27, 2022
Cermaq land-based exec to teach aquaculture at Nord University

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March 28, 2022
New Brunswick unveils plan to support land-based aquaculture

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March 24, 2022
Proximar one step closer to completing Japanese RAS

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March 8, 2022
Grieg Seafood BC RAS facility expansion nears completion

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February 8, 2022
Salmon Evolution girds for phase 2 of Indre Harøy project


December 14, 2021
The Scottish Salmon Company awarded GBP £5 million for post-smolt R&D project

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July 15, 2021
Smart Salmon preps for groundwork on Norway RAS facility

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May 4, 2021
Bulandet Miljøfisk aims land-based project completion in 2021


March 23, 2021
RAS company Mowi Scotland plans smolt facilty

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February 24, 2021
AquaBounty kicks off first harvest of GMO salmon in Indiana plant

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January 25, 2021
Grieg Seafood wades into land-based aquaculture partnership


December 18, 2020
Scottish Sea Farms tout bigger, more robust smolt with new RAS hatchery


August 6, 2020
Billund builds post-smolt RAS farm for Chilean salmon producer