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RASTECH23: AquaFounders Capital eyes startups, tech providers

May 8, 2023  By  Nestor Arellano

Thue Holm, co-founder of AquaFounders Capital, presenting at the Investors' Forum at RASTECH 2023. (Photo: Jean Ko Din, RAStech Magazine)

Start-ups in the land-based aquaculture sector and companies developing enabling technologies for the aquaculture industry are being closely watched by fledgling investor firm AquaFounders Capital.

The company aims to leverage the combined expertise and first hand experiences of its founders in supporting companies offering precision fish farming software, genetics technologies and critical recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) component, according to Thue Holm.

“The RAS industry is still young…profitability is not yet there, but we are sure it will come soon… there’s a lot of potential for innovation and growth,” he said.


Holm, founder and former chief technology officer (CTO) of  Atlantic Sapphire, launched AquaFounders in April together with Ohad Maiman, founder and former chief executive officer of The Kingfish Company. Holm was one of the speakers at the investors forum of the  RASTECH 2023 Conference and Trade Fair.

Among the critical areas of future growth identified by AquaFounders are the post-smolt space, the RAS industry, and the hybrid land-based systems space, according to Holm.

“My colleague Ohad and I have decided to combine our experiences in land-based aquaculture and form a fund to support upcoming companies in this growing industry,” said Holm. “We believe that there are many opportunities in the supplies industry and beyond, and we’re committed to helping take land-based aquaculture to the next level.”

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