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Oxygen Solutions, Inc. (OSI) offers affordable oxygen concentrators for a wide variety of enterprises. The modular design of the concentrators can be scaled to the most demanding applications.  All equipment is fabricated and assembled in Edmonton, Alberta, and then delivered for easy installation on-site. OSI’s professional staff is guided by the philosophy that an uninterrupted oxygen supply is a key piece to the success of many businesses, including aquaculture, mining, health and veterinary industries, and wastewater management. OSI caters to the diverse needs of many companies world-wide by supplying standard and custom configured solutions, regardless of location.

Oxygen is essential for raising fish in a clean, efficient, RAS-based system. A dependable oxygen supply allows for the best possible fish health and minimizes stressful conditions. Happy fish eat well, mature to full size quickly, develop good muscle tone, don’t lose scales, and have normal social behaviour. They get the benefits of a controlled environment without the challenges they would face being raised in the wild. As such, it is important to have optimal oxygen conditions to allow the growing fish their general health and well-being.

The company’s oxygen concentrators feature Vacuum Swing Absorption (VSA), providing the lowest power consumption. Concentrators save on energy while administering higher quantities of continuous oxygen. Touch screen controls offer on-site monitoring and performance information such as operating conditions and diagnostics. The remote access function allows for the operating conditions to be continually optimized from any location and for flexible customer support.

OSI’s modular approach to oxygen concentrator design allows for the most efficient use of customers’ resources. Single bed or dual-bed designs deliver an impressive range of dependable oxygen supply. From the OSI 125 – which supplies 113kg per day, to the OSI 7000 – supplying 6363 kg per day, OSI has a configuration to meet all demands.

OSI’s oxygen concentrators are low maintenance and reliable, allowing for peace of mind and the best possible results.

For more information, visit our website at osioxygen.com, or contact OSI:



1.866.416.0516 (toll free)