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PCI Gases is a leading global manufacturer of on-site VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) Oxygen Generating Systems for the Aquaculture Industry. We have been in business since 1984 with systems/plants successfully operating in over 50 countries. Our manufacturing facility/headquarters is located in Riverside, CA. Our DOCS (Deployable Oxygen Concentrator Systems) provides the aquaculture customer a robust and reliable source of on-site generated oxygen. Regardless of the environment, whether in a cold or hot and humid climate, the DOCS systems offer a low-cost supply of oxygen for continuous, year-round needs with oxygen produced right at your farm.

Increase Productivity and Bottom Line Profits Using High Purity Oxygen… 

Injecting high purity oxygen into fish and shrimp raceways, ponds or tanks in the place of air provides significant productivity gains and reduces potential loss due to poor water quality and subsequent mortality. Typical aeration methods are very limited in their ability to provide consistent levels of dissolved oxygen (DO). Many aquaculture operations experience daily and seasonal low DO fluctuations. As DO levels decrease, it becomes inadequate for food consumption resulting in slow growth leading towards higher mortality rates. To maintain ideal growth conditions, it is essential to utilize an ‘Active Oxygen Management Program’ utilizing a PCI Gases Oxygen Generating System.

The following is a brief analysis of using a PCI System: 

  • Grow Healthy Fish, Larger & Faster
  • Greater yields with higher stocking densities
  • Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) technology designed for low cost, high volume oxygen production. Produces oxygen purity at 93% (+/- 3%).
  • 50% less power consumption compared to PSA’s, no air compressor required. Features energy savings load following capability. In addition, you will also experience a 50% reduction in preventive maintenance costs during the year compared to PSA’s.
  • Economic alternative to PSA and LOX
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • VSA systems available from 340 lbs. per day to 20 tons per day (oxygen flow rates)


Frederick B. Morgan
Director Sales and Business Development, North America
12201 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, California 92503
Cell: (951) 446-3215
Email: fmorgan@pcigases.com
Web: www.pcigases.com