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September 16, 2020 at 11:00am ET


For over 55 years Amiad has devoted its passion and commitment to develop a comprehensive line of water filtration systems for protecting water applications in the Irrigation, Industrial, Municipal and Aquaculture use segments.

As an Industry leader in water filtration, Amiad provides smart solutions for the Aquaculture market that helps to maintain optimal water conditions maximizing productivity.

Removing total suspended solids can enhance the effectiveness of biological agents ultimately reducing biological hazards.

Amiad’s wide range of standard filtration solutions includes filtration systems with coated carbon steel, stainless steel or polymeric constriction materials. Those filtration systems utilize screen, disc, sand-media or microfiber technology to meet the challenges presented by different water sources, outlet requirements and extreme working conditions.

The new Sigma filter’s family represents the most recent innovation in the self-cleaning screen filter of Amiad.

Reliable and durable polymeric corrosion free construction combined with hydraulic self-cleaning mechanism offer low energy consumption making the Sigma family an ideal solution for hatcheries and various fish farming settings.

The Spin-Klin disc filter family offers ideal performance when dealing with presence of organic matter. The deep filtration and the potent self-cleaning cycle combined with corrosion free polymeric construction handles even the most challenging conditions that can be found in the Aquaculture industry.

For more information visit www.amiadusa.com