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Virtual Event
RAS Virtual Summit 2020
September 16, 2020 at 11:00am ET

RAS Design and Innovation: The future is now

Gregory Beckman, VP and Lead RAS Designer, Innovasea
Neder Snir, Chief Technology Officer, AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies
Huy Tran, Vice-President and Owner, Aquatic Equipment and Design
David Kuhn, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech

This engaging panel session will feature leading RAS designers and technology providers discussing various innovations in recirculating aquaculture systems and land-based aquaculture, where and how the technology fits in ramping up the development of a fully mature and successful land-based aquaculture industry.

Gregory Beckman, VP and lead RAS designer, Innovasea

Greg is a Vice President and lead RAS designer for Innovasea where his principal focus is on recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) projects. He has over 15 years of experience as a RAS designer and technical project manager providing a range of services including: facility design and bio-planning, systems design, systems quotation, equipment procurement, project implementation and installation oversight, systems commissioning and training and on-going project support.

Greg’s background in fish culture coupled with his education in marine science (BSc) provides him with a unique understanding of real-world challenges and needs within the aquaculture sector. Greg Beckman holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in marine biology from Long Island University – Southampton Campus.

Neder Snir Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies, Ltd.

Neder Snir is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies, Ltd. – leader in RAS technology and turn-key RAS-based projects. Neder is a third generation Aquaculturist and his interest in aquaculture began at a young age working on the kibbutz fish farm.

He later initiated the early implementation of advanced Aquaculture technologies as they emerged, and he has since been actively in charge of design, construction, installation, commissioning and operation of many fish production facilities around the world.  Today, Neder uses his extensive and diverse knowledge to manage AquaMaof’s Technology Department responsible for R&D, Process Engineering and Operational Services, while taking a hands-on role in hosting regular engineering and site reviews, quality monitoring and professional on-site support.

Huy Tran

Huy Tran is the vice-president and owner at Aquatic Equipment and Design Inc, He is an aquaculture and aquaponics expert with more than 28 years of experience. After graduating with a degree in agriculture/aquaculture from the University of Hawaii, Huy worked at and managed several area farms rearing shrimp and numerous marine and freshwater fish species. For nearly two decades, he was the sales and marketing officer at Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. (AES). He currently consults/designs for many aquaponic and aquaculture facilities worldwide.

Moderator: David Kuhn, PhD

David Kuhn, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. He has earned a B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Civil Engineering and a M.S. and a doctorate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He maintains an aquatic laboratory on the main campus at Virginia Tech. In addition to conducting research projects in the laboratory (topics such as Aquacultural Engineering, Biotechnology Applications, Alternative Nutrition, Animal Health, and Food Quality) he has also served as a Principal Investigator on sponsored projects at nine privately owned aquaculture facilities that culture finfish, shrimp, oysters, or clams. Conducting research in these public-private partnerships brings a unique and practical aspect back to his research and outreach programs. He enjoys helping advance the RAS industry through various outreach programs including working with RAStech to deliver conference content to industry, academic, and government stakeholders.