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Salmon Evolution launches North American expansion

June 13, 2022  By  Nestor Arellano

Construction site at Indre Haroy (Photo: Salmon Evolution)

Norwegian salmon land-based farmer, Salmon Evolution is gunning for a production target of 100,000 tons by 2032 and part of that plan involves expanding its operation in North America.

The company said it has put together a special team made up of both in house and external experts who will carryout the evaluation of identified potential sites. The site selection process and initial site verification will be conducted throughout 2022.

Salmon Evolution also said that it will establish a U.S. corporate structure under its full ownership.


“Although starting in Norway, Salmon Evolution has always had global ambitions. With the addition of North America into our portfolio, we will have an operating platform on all the three major salmon consuming continents,” said Håkon André Berg, chief executive officer of Salmon Evolution.

A press release from the Salmon Evolution said the company expects pre-construction phase in the US, including regulatory approval process, will take two to three years. Under this timeline, construction on the company’s North American site could commence sometime in 2025. The facility will be patterned after the company’s recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility in Indre Harøy, Norway.

“…the plan is to build a full scale 31,500 tons HOG ‘Indre Harøy’ facility, drawing on the experiences learned in both Norway and Korea,” the press release said.

“Over the coming 12 months we expect to demonstrate the operational viability of our concept, solidifying Salmon Evolution’s global leadership position within the land-based salmon farming industry,” said Berg. “Given the long lead times for this industry, we see it as critical for our long-term value creation to build and develop a tangible pipeline of high-quality projects.”

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