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Feasibility study ordered for Salmon Evolution-Dongwon land-based project

June 21, 2021  By  Nestor Arellano

Artist's conception of planned Dongwon Industries land-based salmon farm. (Image: Dongwon Industries)

K Smart Farming Co. Ltd., a joint venture Norway’s Salmon Evolution ASA and Korean seafood giant Dongwon Industries, has ordered a feasibility study on its aquaculture project to build a land-based aquaculture facility in in South Korea.

K Smart Farming has contracted Artec Aqua AS, a turnkey supplier of land-based aquaculture solutions, to conduct the feasibility study on the project which is expected to produce 20,000 tons of Atlantic salmon annually. The project will use a  hybrid flow through system technology, such as the one Artec Aqua is delivering to Salmon Evolution’s land-based facility at Indre Harøy in Norway.

The agreement includes an intention for Artec Aqua to conduct engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of designed process related systems and equipment in the future build-out of the project, according to a press release from Artec.


Earlier, Dongwon Industries and Salmon Evolution unwrapped plans to construct a US$168 million land-based fish farm in one of the country’s eastern provinces adjacent to the Sea of Japan.

Ingegjerd Eidsvik, CEO of Artec Aqua (image from Artec Aqua)

The Gangwon facility will also include a research and development centre and a salmon processing area.

“Salmon Evolution has through our cooperation at Indre Harøya gained first-hand experience of our specialist competence within engineering and delivery of land-based aquaculture facilities, and consequently they have introduced us to K Smart Farming,” said Ingegjerd Eidsvik, chief executive officer of Artec Aqua. “We look forward to working with K Smart Farming to realise this project. The project represents an important step on our journey towards becoming a major international supplier of land-based aquaculture facilities.”

Artec Aqua is a subsidiary of Oslo-listed  Endúr ASA. 

Artec Aqua is a supplier of land-based aquaculture facilities and solutions – both within smolt, broodstock and grow-out facilities.

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