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RAS Talk: Exploring technology development with Professor Yonathan Zohar

June 21, 2021  By  Catarina Muia

This month, RAS Talk host Brian Vinci had the opportunity to speak with Yonathan Zohar, Professor and Chair of the Department of Marine Biotechnology at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET), University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Director, Aquaculture Research Center at IMET, as well as Program Leader of Recirculating Aquaculture Salmon Network (RAS-N). With more than 40 years in the marine biology industry, Yonathan discusses the use and combination of biotechnology with RAStech, the importance of project RAS-N and its potential outcomes, as well as the projects he and his team have had the opportunity to work on, at IMET.


Guest: Professor Yonathan Zohar


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