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Bioled expands its operation to land-based salmon farming

February 3, 2022  Sponsored by by Bioled

Photo: Bioled

After two years of intense preparation, Chilean company Bioled, a specialist in artificial lighting for salmon farming, announces its entry into the growing land-based salmon farming market.

As explained by the Research and Development Manager of Bioled, Ximena Navarro: “We have observed a strong growth in salmon farming projects utilizing land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), which the world is continuing to see as a sustainable and scalable food option. We want to be part of this great change by contributing our experience in photoperiod management as a tool to improve the efficiency of salmon farming in complete cycles, on land.”

Photo: Bioled

During the last two years, Bioled has studied the needs of this sector (from the operational and biological point of view), the current product offering, and the potential growth of this industry. The result of this analysis, added to the know-how of Bioled’s 16 years of experience, made it possible to generate a comprehensive lighting system specifically adapted to the needs of modern RAS. This system is made up of adjustable submersible and aerial luminaires, an automated control system and a submersible light sensor. The use of this equipment, added to specialized technical assistance, ensures compliance with production objectives defined in terms of preventing early maturity and stimulating growth.


About Bioled

Bioled is a company specializing in photoperiod management as a tool to improve production efficiency in aquaculture crops. Applied research and development are the heart of the company, which designs its own equipment prioritizing the biological needs of the cultivated species and functionality in the environments where the cultivation units are located.
More information at www.bioled.cl

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