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Andfjord Salmon Kvalnes expansion ahead of schedule

November 13, 2023  By  Nestor Arellano

Rock pit excavation for the current build-out phase at Kvalnes, Andoya has now reached 60 % completion. (Image: Andfjord Salmon)

Construction work at the land-based salmon farm of Andfjord Salmon in Kvalnes, Andøya, is pushing through ahead of schedule, according to the Norwegian aquaculture company. The build is part of the company’s expansion plan.

“Rock pit excavation for the current build-out phase has now reached 60 per cent completion,” a press release from the company said. “The first of the two planned rows of pools – housing six pools – has already been excavated. The diggers and dump trucks have now started excavating the adjacent second row of pools.”

Adnfjord Salmon is expecting an initial production capacity of 8,000 tons head-on-gutted (HOG) in 2025 for the first build-out phase of the facility. The company is targeting a total production capacity of 40,000 tons at Kvalnes through a gradual increase between 2025 and 2030.

The facility uses a unique undergrown flowthrough technology that takes  advantage of both traditional ocean-based fish farming and closed pool, recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

“We are delighted with the pool pit progress, which is ahead of schedule. This adds flexibility to our plan which helps to de-risk the overall build-out project,” says Martin Rasmussen, chief executive of Andfjord Salmon.

The company also said the construction has a sustainable component.

Andfjord Salmon has adopted a “mass balance approach” for the current build-out phase. This means that soil excavated from pool pits and waterways are used in the development of a new harbour at Kvalnes. The mass will be used to develop a quay and a breakwater. This approach considerably reduces both operating costs and CO2 emissions associated with the build-out.

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