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Plug-and-play shipping container RAS system proposed

September 28, 2021  By  Nestor Arellano

Land-based modules that are based on shipping containers developed by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). (Image: LUKE)

A Finish research institute is testing a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) that implements a modular concept borrowed from shipping containers. In fact, the key equipment of the RAS system proposed by Finland’s Natural Resources Institute (LUKE) is housed in “plug-and-play” shipping containers.

The modular shipping container concept uses mixed-cell raceway principles, according to LUKE. The institute is  preparing for the commercialization of its concept for land-based fish farming.

A key benefit of shipping container-based RAS modules is that they can be easily transported to nearly any location, and can even be installed inside buildings.


“Each container tank is a complete plug-and-play fish farming unit; only electricity and water connections are needed on-site,” according to a post on the LUKE website. “No underground piping is used in the concept.”

All water treatment processes are also done directly in the fish tank. This results in a more efficient use of space.

The modular units can be used as partial recycling units or as full RAS units depending on client’s needs.

The system  uses a partial recirculation process which reduces risks of farming and investment costs. Ultra-low pumping head makes the process very energy efficient.

Those interested to about the system can contact Tapio Kiuru, principal specialist at at LUKE. His phone number is 3-582-953-27537. His email address is tapio.kiuru@luke.fi.

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