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Pine Island Redfish joins U.K. accelerator program

February 6, 2024  By RAStech staff

A U.K. environmental consultancy, Bright Tide, has launched its first-ever regenerative farming accelerator, a program that connects 20 ventures around the world and integrates both land and ocean farming practices.

The United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP estimates agriculture is currently the primary driver of soil depletion and biodiversity loss, while according to the FAO close to 90 per cent of the world’s marine fish stocks are overexploited.

Bright Tide believes in regenerative farming, both on land and in the ocean as a solution. This nature-informed approach to food production is capable of improving soil health, boosting terrestrial/marine biodiversity, and carbon sequestration as well as providing resilient, long-term livelihoods for farmers around the world.

”In the face of such pressing issues as biodiversity loss, climate change, and food insecurity, our commitment to nurturing sustainable practices is more pertinent and urgent than ever,” said Harry Wright, Bright Tide’s chief executive officer and founder.

Participants represent very diverse farm sizes, geographical locations, and agricultural sectors.

On land, they include: Nunwell Farm, New Foundation Farms, Wildfarmed, Gentle Farming, Sea Water Solutions, Agreed Earth, Tierra Foods, Chirrup AI, ReGeneration and Afro Valley 

At sea, they are: Algapelago, Atlantic Mariculture, Pine Island Redfish, Aquit, Three-Sixty Aquaculture, Ficosteera, Healthy Seaweed Cafe, Oyster Restoration Company, Ole Blu and Sea Ventures

The three main pillars of the program are high-level networking, upskilling, and fostering collaboration between the ventures.

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