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NaturalShrimp to enter barramundi market with new partnership

September 19, 2019  By  Nestor Arellano

NaturalShrimp, the Dallas-based aquaculture company which patented an innovative commercially-operational recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) for shrimp, announced a partnership with Hanilu Farms to help the Indiana company boost the growth rate of indoor barramundi aquaculture operations.

The five-year agreement also includes Hydrenesis, a commercialization firm that specializes in oxidation control, chemical reduction, desalination, contaminant removal, and nitrogen neutralization.

Hanilu Farms specializes in the farm-raised barramundi market from nursery to grow out. The partnership allows NaturalShrimp to gain a foothold in the indoor barramundi market, said Gerald Easterling, president of NaturalShrimp


The barramundi is also known as the Asian sea bass. It has a mild flavour and a white, flaky flesh. It is popular in Australian and Asian cuisines and has recently gained increasing attention in North American restaurants.

For Hydrenesis and NaturalShrimp, the indoor barramundi industry is an opportunity to test its platform and highlight the capability of Hydrenesis’ Hydrogas water treatment solution.

Hydrogas is a more effective system compared to standard bioremediation water exchange treatments, according to Luke Timmon, chief operating officer of Hydrenesis.

“The Hydrogas technology has proven effective in both my nursery and grow-out tanks in terms of survivability and feed conversion rates,” Leland Meador, chief executive officer of Hanilu Farms said.


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