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Global Seafood Alliance launches BAP consumer-facing website

July 18, 2022  By  Maryam Farag

Photo: Global Seafood Alliance.

Global Seafood Alliance has announced the launch of a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) consumer-facing website, part of its first-ever consumer marketing campaign.

The site features information on the BAP certification program, an introduction to aquaculture, seafood recipes and information on seafood’s positive effect on health and wellness. The site links to a “how to find” page with direct connections to BAP retail and foodservice partners.

The campaign will cumulate with U.S. National Seafood Month in October. Called “Healthy Fish, Healthy Planet, Healthy You!,” the campaign is designed to heighten awareness of the BAP brand and, ultimately, drive sales of responsibly produced and sourced seafood.


The program will include information and education for media on responsible aquaculture production, the necessity of aquaculture in a growing world, and how certification can be the key to shopping responsibly.

“Seafood producers and buyers have long known the benefits of BAP, and now it’s time to share those benefits with consumers so they can understand, appreciate and enjoy responsibly produced farmed seafood,” said GSA CEO Brian Perkins. “Our research has shown that the more consumers know about responsibly produced farmed seafood, the more they trust the BAP label and the retailers and restaurants who endorse it.”

GSA will launch a social media campaign dubbed “Are You AquaCultured?”. The campaign will encourage consumers to educate themselves about farmed seafood and become “AquaCultured” in the process.

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