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BioMar, Deep Branch partner in single-cell protein feed venture

May 10, 2022  By  Nestor Arellano


BioMar is working with alternative protein biotech company, Deep Branch, to develop an aquaculture feed product based using single cell protein.

The two companies hope to hasten the aquaculture industry’s adoption of sustainable fish feed ingredients by producing salmon feed which incorporates Proton, a single-cell protein developed by Deep Branch.

Deep Branch will transport Proton from its facility in the Netherlands to BioMar’s Technology Centre in Denmark to produce Proton-based feed until the end of 2022.

The two companies will conduct a full suite of nutritional assessments in Denmark, Norway and the UK to test the protein-rich ingredient. These tests will focus on performance, digestibility and other parameters essential for fish health and growth.

“The world needs to move from making pledges to taking action, and we are passionate about industrial ecology underpinning the next generation of food production,” Pete Rowe, chief executive office of Deep Branch. “We see BioMar as a key partner in bringing Proton to market as its ambitious targets and commitment to collaboration fully align with ours.”

Deep Branch specilies in using clean and renewable carbon and energy sources to create ingredients for a more sustainable food system.

For its part BioMar has been driving the uptake of sustainable feeds through its Blue Impact diets. The company has set targets for the minimum inclusion of circular and restorative ingredients in its products.

“At BioMar, we’re constantly seeking innovative raw materials that don’t compete with human food production and using nutrients from by-products that minimise waste. So we’re excited to have established this strategic partnership with Deep Branch,” said Paddy Campbell, vice president for  the salmon division at BioMar.

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