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AquaFounders Capital unveils initial design of Farm in a Box project

February 29, 2024  By RAStech staff

AquaFounders Capital unveils initial designs of its Farm in a Box project. (Photo: AquaFounders Capital)

RAS founders and entrepreneurs, Ohad Maiman and Thue Holm, are getting ready to bring Farm in a Box to market.

Farm in a Box is the duo’s newest venture into the recirculating aquaculture industry to develop a modular, prefabricated, “next-generation system” in land-based aquaculture. AquaFounders Capital announced its first company development, including its initial design on Feb. 29. The company is now initiating fundraising to support accelerated commercialization. It also hints that they have commenced discussions with early adopters of this technology.

“The sector has proven it can build reliable systems to grow high-quality fish on land up to market size, however escalating CAPEX, and significant construction periods are holding back the deployment of land-based aquaculture at scale, and this is where Farm in a Box comes in,” said Maiman, AquaFounders Capital Managing Partner and co-founder.

“We have thoroughly studied more mature industries and incorporated such best practices into our design, enabling our clients to receive a firm and final price quote based on their species and production plan, avoid lengthy and costly design periods, and significantly shorten the time from placing an order to the moment they can start farming fish,” said Holm, AquaFounders Capital Managing Partner and co-founder.

Ohad Maiman and Thue Holm launched AquaFounders Capital in April 2023. (Photo: AquaFounders Capital)

Maiman and Holm formed AquaFounders Capital in April 2023 in hopes of supporting companies that focus on innovative RAS technologies.

In Fall 2023, the duo decided to pivot from its traditional venture capital (VC) model to focus on building two companies from the ground up.

“While initially contemplating a VC investment route, AquaFounders Capital has decided to go back to the founders’ roots and develop new companies that tackle the most critical challenges in the land-based aquaculture sector from the ground up, with Farm in a Box being our first project,” said Maiman.

Maiman is a co-founder and former chief executive of the Kingfish Company with two recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) based in Zeeland, in the Netherlands and in Maine, USA. Maiman stepped down in from his role as CEO in November 2022. Holm is a co-founder and former chief technology officer of Atlantic Sapphire. Holm stepped down from his role in January 2023 but remains an advisor for the project.

“My colleague Ohad and I have decided to combine our experiences in land-based aquaculture and form a fund to support upcoming companies in this growing industry,” said Holm at a presentation at the RASTECH 2023 Conference. “We believe that there are many opportunities in the supplies industry and beyond, and we’re committed to helping take land-based aquaculture to the next level.”

“The RAS industry is still young. Profitability is not yet there, but we are sure it will come soon… There’s a lot of potential for innovation and growth,” he said.

For further details or investor, customer or development partner inquiries, email at info@aquafounders.com.

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