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Aqua Founders Capital launches The Black Cod Company

April 29, 2024  By RASTech Staff

Ohad Maiman and Thue Holm launched AquaFounders Capital in April 2023.

AquaFounders Capital has launched The Black Cod Company, aiming to be the first land-based producer of black cod in Europe.

“True to our thesis on the competitive advantage of land-based aquaculture, farming Black Cod on land in the EU meets the critical strategic trifecta: a high-value species, well suited for land-based farming, deployed at an otherwise import dependant market,” a LinkedIn post from AquaFounders Capital states.

Ohad Maiman, founder and former chief executive officer of The Kingfish Company, and Thue Holm, Founder and former chief technology officer formed AquaFounders Capital in 2023 to support companies that focus on innovative RAS technologies. In Fall 2023, the two shifted their business model to focus on building two companies up. 


The company’s other current projects include Farm in a Box, a plug-and-play hardware and software solution for modular land-based fish farming.

Maiman and Holm will also keynote at the RASTECH 2024 Conference and Trade Fair.

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