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Aller Aqua targets RAS-raised Atlantic salmon with enhanced feed product

July 9, 2020  By  Nestor Arellano

ALLER FLOW 4.5mm (left) and 500g Atlantic salmon (right)

Danish fish feed company Aller Aqua has released a new product which the company says is specifically formulated for Atlantic salmon being grown in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) environments.

Aller Flow is the newest member of Aller Aqua’s recently launched POWERRAS concept. The feed does not contain animal by-products and is available in sizes 3 and 4.5mm for Atlantic salmon farmers in RAS.

The company said Aller Flow was created keeping in mind the feed’s impact in the entire production system while focusing on fish health.


For instance, Aller Flow has an improved feed conversion ratio (FCR) for better feed efficiency, according to an Aller Aqua press release.

“Aller Flow has been developed to enable the highest feed efficiency, not only in terms of growth but also feed conversion,” said Dr. Robert Tillner, product  manager at Aller Aqua. “Every digit in improved feed conversion means fewer nutrients to be handled by energy-consuming filtration units in RAS. Keeping this in mind, we were able to improve the FCR by no less than four per cent in Atlantic salmon fed Aller Flow compared to a competing RAS feed.”

Aller Flow is also able to alter fish faeces structure to enhance RAS operation, Tillner added

This means that “the more compact and stable faeces are efficiently transported through and removed from the system by filtration units.,” he explained. “This will make a big difference for the efficiency of the RAS as well as the economic result.”

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