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AKVA Group gains control of tech firm Submerge AS

August 22, 2023  By  Nestor Arellano

The QuadEye from Submerge AS is a multi stereo camera system for imaging fish in 3D. (Image: Submerge AS)

Aquaculture technology company AKVA Group said has acquired controlling ownership of Submerge AS. The Norwegian-based Submerged has successfully developed and commercialized a camera system and software for fish-welfare, lice counting and biomass measurement.

AKVA said it now owns 51 per cent of the shares in Submerged. The provider of recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology said it has the option to acquire 100 per cent shares in Submerged in 2028 based on certain conditions.

“The acquisition of the majority stake in Submerge is of great strategic importance to AKVA and will further develop and complement our digital offerings to the market.” said Knut Nesse, chief executive office of AKVA.


“By combining Submerged with our current digital products such as AKVA Fishtalk, AKVA Observe and AKVA Connect we are strengthening our AKVA Fusion platform and can now offer a complete digital solution to enhance precision fish farming.”

Submerged was established in 2018 by the founders Lars Martin Sandvik Aas and later Håvard Lein Braa to develop a system solution for automatic counting of salmon lice and measurement of biomass.

Among the products developed by Submerge is the RollEye. The device is a “maintenance-free” sensor platform that automatically measures and reports lice numbers and the fish’s average weight (weight distribution) for the entire cage.

The company also offers the QuadEye. This is  a multi stereo camera system for imaging fish in 3D. Submerge has versions for imaging, counting and analysis of fish in rivers, as well as a version for small fishes such as wrasse and lumpsucker.


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