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MMC First Process, Apria enters RAS water treatment space

May 31, 2023  By  Nestor Arellano

From left to right: Petter Leon Fauske; MMC First Process CEO; Axel Arruti, Apria COO, Sara Dominguez; Apria CCO, Eivind Vinje; Apria VP R&D, Pedro M. Gomez; Apria CEO. (Image: MMC First Process)

Norwegian fish handling company, MMC First Process, is joining forces in Spanish engineering services company, Apria Systems, to develop and market a line of water treatment products for the recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) industry.

The partnership will focus on the introduction to the RAS space of Apria’s Eloxira water treatment solution. The technology is based on electrochemical oxidation. Eloxira can be used for the treatment and reutilization of marine and brackish water. It has been developed to improve productivity, profitability, efficiency, and environmental impact of marine RAS systems, according to a press release from MMC First Process.

“The combination of know-how, technical capabilities, sales force and pre and post sales services will allow us to offer a reliable unique integrated solution for our customers based on cutting-edge technologies. We are happy to include this product range in our portfolio and are looking forward to bringing this product to the market,” said Petter Leon Fauske, CEO of MMC First Process.


MMC Fist Process is focused in the sustainable handling, processing and colloing of products in the seafood industry.

Eloxira removes nitrogen compounds (including ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates) and organic matter while simultaneously providing on-site disinfection in one single stage. The solutions provides farmers and fish handling operators a predictable and stable water quality for the fish, giving a competitive alternative to the industry for increased fish welfare and reduced environmental impact, said Pedro Gomez, chief executive office of Apria Systems.

Apria provides consulting and engineering services. The company is focused on the treatment, purification and valorization of liquid and gaseous streams.

The solution is applicable to a wide array of RAS systems, ranging from live fish carriers operating in closed circulation over large distances, to land-based post-smolt facilities and holding tanks. Eloxira, which removes ammonia from water, extends Apria’s existing water treatment products, such as the company’s CO2 degasser and oxygenation system.

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