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Abraham Accord fosters UAE-Israel RAS joint venture

At least two aquaculture service companies are crediting a U.S.-brokered agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel for spawning a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) joint venture.

The Abraham Accords is the first time that any Arab country has signified normalization of relationship with Israel.

A few days after the accord was signed, aquaculture services company Aqua Bridge of the United Arab Emirates announced that it is working with Israel-based water filtration firm Aqua Green in a bid to serve the RAS market in the Middle East.


“We are pleased to announce the first-ever partnership in the aquaculture sector between a UAE-based company and Israel-based company for the manufacturing of aquaculture equipment,” Aqua Bridge announced in a statement. “This joint venture, which was made possible by the Abraham accords between Israel and the UAE, will produce high-end aquaculture equipment such as Zero Discharge RAS.”

Aqua Bridge provides an in-house blend of aquaculture and fisheries expertise, which covers various aspect of aquaculture planning, feasibility, development & operation, fisheries policy development and sustainable management.

The company has implemented an extensive number of pertinent projects around tin Europe, the Mediterranean basin, Middle East and Africa.