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RAS Talk: Talking aquaponics with Tracy Nazzaro of Traders Hill Farm

February 7, 2022  By  Catarina Muia

Tracy Nazzaro, principal and president for Traders Hill Farm.

Aquaponics is often described as the combination of recirculating aquaculture with hydroponics. Many favour it as the ultimate circular food production system, utilizing waste from the production of fish to be used as nutrients for the production of plants like leafy greens and tomatoes. In our world today, the aquaponics model is still appealing and is an example of the circular food systems that we’ll need for a sustainable future.

Currently, there are a few moderate to large aquaponics operations running in the U.S.: Superior Fresh in Wisconsin, Springworks Farm in Maine, and Traders Hill Farm in Florida. In this episode of RAS Talk, co-host Brian Vinci, director of the Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute, sat down to talk all things aquaponics with Tracy Nazzaro, principal and president for Traders Hill Farm.

Guest: Tracy Nazzaro


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