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Grieg Seafood’s Newfoundland facility may face ISA

July 20, 2021  By RAStech Editorial Staff

During a routine health inspection at Grieg Seafood’s Marystown recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility, Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) was detected in one of the facility’s Atlantic salmon smolt operations.

Currently, regulatory agencies cannot confirm the detection of ISA, and therefore, more analyses must be completed before it is determined whether the fish are infected or not. The impacted tank contains 118,000 fish, all of which were recently vaccinated against ISA. Grieg has claimed that current stock are not showing any disease symptoms, nor has there been an increase in mortality.

The Newfoundland-based facility features a high-end freshwater and saltwater RAS, and includes a hatchery, nursery, and smolt unit.


While Grieg Seafood expects the Marystown facility to reach an annual harvest volume of 15,000 metric tonnes by 2025, some farming companies have questioned growth plans for the Newfoundland and Labrador area, as they’ve experienced challenges with mass mortality, algal blooms, and ISA.

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