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BioMar introduces trout feed for RAS facilities

December 5, 2019  By  Nestor Arellano

Global aquaculture feed manufacturer BioMar has developed a fish food product specifically formulated for trout raised in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) that primarily use solid bed filters to remove fecal matter.

The fish feed will be sold under the brand name Sircle.

Different RAS facilities may have varying requirements for operating at a maximum level.


Sircle is made from raw materials that optimize fecal removal by focusing on the particle fraction distribution of fecal waste. This reduces the fraction of the problematic micron-sized particles that are difficult to remove.

The company said Sircle is a high-performance feed meant to deliver less discharge to the aquatic environment, high specific growth rate and a low feed conversion ratio.

The product comes with a special health package that provides better fish resilience against bacterial, environmental and physical challenges on the farm.

BioMar’s RAS feed type SIRCLE is available to markets served by the BioMar factory in Denmark.

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