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Wireless monitoring in the palm of your hand

July 5, 2021  By  Liza Mayer

Former AKVA Group chief executive, Trond Severinsen, returns in the aquaculture sector with a new technology he claims will disrupt the water sensor market. 

Severinsen has partnered with Canadian seafood tech company, Sedna Technologies, to launch a new wireless monitoring sensor system.

The Sensor Globe is a multi-functional sensor the size of a small grapefruit. It was orignally designed to monitor water quality and animal welfare for the live lobster industry on Canada’s East Coast. It contains micro-sensors for optical oxygen, temperature, pH, acceleration and shock. Later this year, microsensors for nitrate, ammonia and salinity micro-sensors are expected to follow. 


According to the company website, customers will be able to build their own units with various micro-sensors and monitor real-time data through an app on a mobile device or on the Internet. Offline-mode allows the device to log data for up to 90 days at a time, then retrieve it and upload the data for analysis through the Sedna Cloud.  

Unlike other sensors, the Sensor Globe has an adjustable internal ballast so that it can either float like a small iceberg, sink or have neutral bouyancy. It measures only 95 mm in diameter, weighs 325 grams and is designed to “flow with the fish” through pipes, hoses, fish pumps, lice treatment and other machinery. 

“We discover new uses and markets for the Sensor Globe concept just about every week right now,” says Severinsen. 


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