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UltraAqua disinfection systems

August 24, 2022  By RAStech staff

The Open Channel SS series offers safe, chemical-free disinfection for municipal and industrial wastewater disinfection.

The ULTRATHERM 16 000-hour UV lamps technology with its cross-row layout ensures complete pathogen exposure with market leading energy efficiency.

The robust, modular shell design provides a range of scaling and retrofitting options for existing water treatment infrastructures, such as old chlorination tanks. For further construction versatility, an inclined open channel series is available, which provides up to 30 per cent more depth options. This makes the design scalable and capable of treating flows of virtually any size.


The series features a sealed top compartment where the lamps, quartz sleeves, wiping motor, and UV sensors are easily accessed. This allows for quick, easy and hygienic maintenance procedures while the system is submerged. Additionally, the automated ULTRAWIPER technology ensures clean quartz sleeves with tailored brush heads, ensuring operational efficiency.

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