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Moleaer launches nanobubble generator to optimize water quality in aquaculture

June 3, 2024  By RAStech staff

Moleaer, a nanobubble technology company, has created the Trinity Nanobubble Generator to optimize water quality and support aquatic health.

According to a press release from the company, traditional aeration methods often fail to deliver the required oxygenation necessary for fish optimal growth and welfare. The company claims the nanobubble generator provides an efficient solution to these challenges.

Moleaer said its technology produces nanobubbles with a diameter of fewer than 100 nanometers improves water quality and promotes a more favorable aquatic environment. Its hard shell and electrochemically charged surface contribute to scour surfaces, reducing and preventing biofilm formation which improves filter performance and lowers maintenance needs while reducing the risk of disease outbreaks.


“We are thrilled by the positive outcomes observed in our case studies across different regions,” said Jan Eric Haagensen, senior director at Moleaer. “Trinity’s ability to deliver hyper-efficient oxygenation, reduce energy and oxygenation costs, and minimize environmental impact underscores its transformative potential in the aquaculture industry.”

Trinity has been used in aquaculture settings worldwide, including ocean and land-based operations. Case studies in Norway and Chile showed reductions in energy and oxygen consumption during sea lice treatment and improvements in fish feed conversion ratios in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) salmon farm.


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