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Industry updateNewsEducation

January 19, 2023
College partners with Kingfish Maine in aquaculture courses

Industry updateNewsRegulations

January 18, 2023
Commission report warns of skilled labour shortage for land-based aquaculture sector

Industry updateNewsResearch

January 13, 2023
Nofima teams with Norwegian university for $8.9M RAS research facility

Industry updateNewsSustainabilitySystems

January 2, 2023
Sweden’s first land-based salmon farm bags funding

Industry updateNewsRegulations

December 20, 2022
Norway pull the brakes on land-based aquaculture permits


December 14, 2022
NEC completes Japanese salmon RAS facility

Industry updateNewsSystems

December 12, 2022
Taste of BC Aquafarms seeks approval of new Canadian RAS project


December 9, 2022
New Zealand’s Manāki aims to grow whitebait in land-based farm


December 9, 2022
Canadian RAS start-up Gold River Aquafarms lands federal approval


November 17, 2022
FDA to amend environmental assessment on AquaBounty

Industry updateNewspost-smolt

November 16, 2022
Test results at Indre Harøy show ‘good filet quality and excellent taste’


November 15, 2022
BioMar ‘moving in right direction’ despite pandemic, Russia boycott

Industry updateNewspost-smolt

November 10, 2022
AquaBounty reports good sales and expanded water access for Ohio RAS facility


November 7, 2022
Post-smolt, sustainability, animal health tackled at BioMar’s RAS event

Industry updateNewsManagement

November 4, 2022
AKVA Group downsizes land-based operations

Industry updateNews

November 1, 2022
LocalCoho eyes production boost with new funding

Industry updateNewsFeeding and NutritionTechnology

October 31, 2022
Researchers find way to recycle unused fish feed

Industry updateNewsManagementRegulations

October 26, 2022
AquaBounty responds to whistleblower’s allegations of safety violations


October 25, 2022
Håkon André Berg leaves CEO post at Salmon Evolution

Industry updateNewsManagement

October 24, 2022
SalMar CEO steps down

Industry updateNewsRegulations

October 24, 2022
Kingfish Company gets ‘local and final’ approval on Jonesport RAS project

Industry updateNewsSustainability

October 24, 2022
Great Lakes land-based project awarded US$425,000


October 18, 2022
Sun rises on Japanese RAS

Industry updateNewsSystems

October 18, 2022
Atlantic Sapphire reports emergency harvest, growing mortality rates

Industry updateNewsRegulationsSustainability

October 17, 2022
AquaCon withdraws permit application in Maryland

Industry updateNewsSustainabilitySystems

October 13, 2022
New Zealand’s first sustainable land-based fish farm gets $6.7M funding

Industry updateNewsResearch

October 6, 2022
Sensitive fish nose could shed light on hydrogen sulphide poisoning: Nofima


October 5, 2022
Finnish research reports container-based PaRAS as viable alternative