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RAS Virtual Summit 2022
October 6, 2022 at 11:00am ET


Pro-Oceanus Systems designs and manufactures rugged and reliable dissolved gas sensors for in situ measurement of dissolved CO2, and Total Dissolved Gas (TDG). Our trusted instrumentation is ideal for monitoring these parameters in recirculating systems, open pens, live transport, and more. With continuous monitoring, ensuring fish and shellfish are not exposed to detrimental levels of CO2 and TDG is improved and simplified.

The Pro-Oceanus Solu-Blu sensors combine robust design, ease of use, and versatility to provide dependable measurements of dissolved CO2 and TDG. These compact sensors output in RS232, V or mA, are available in a variety of calibration ranges and can be stand alone or integrated into existing monitoring systems. Flow through and in line adapters are also available for simple integration into water circulation systems.

The right equipment choice to maintain water quality and keep fish happy and healthy is easy with consultation from the Pro-Oceanus Team