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Signify promises eco-friendly lighting solutions

March 18, 2021  By RAStech staff

Kees Kloet, COO, The Kingfish Company

Fish need light to grow their best.

Signify touts its Phillips Aquaculture photoperiodic LED lighting products as an energy efficient solution to help optimize fish growth and feed conversion. The company is a supplier to The Kingfish Company, the world’s first sustainable land-grown aquaculture facility for Yellowtail fish. 

“Fish grown in aquaculture facilities can offer an important contribution to fulfill that need, and we in turn are happy that our LED lights can help in improving the wellbeing of the fish, while also resulting in better growth and lower costs for fish farmers,” said Remco van Lansbergen, general manager for Signify Aquaculture LED solutions.


In working with The Kingfish Company, Signify’s lighting system is said to have allowed the aquaculture producer to exceed system design output by up to 30 per cent. 

“We chose Signify because of their expertise and credibility. They were the first to offer LED lighting in aquaculture, and do long-term research in this area,” said Kees Kloet, COO of The Kingfish Company. “The results give us confidence as we scale up our production.”

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