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SEAREN wins top eco label by Solar Impulse

May 20, 2021  By RAStech staff

(Photo: SEAREN)

Cincinatti-based SEAREN was awarded a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label for its water purification device. 

The Vacuum AirLift, or VAL, is an aquaculture water treatment technology that offers biomass management via water circulation, fine particulate extraction, gas exchange and oxygenation in a single device. 

Traditional RAS requires substantial gas stripping, aeration, particle extraction and HVAC with multiple primary movers. VAL-based RAS reduces or eliminates auxiliary subsystems, reducing complexity, physical footprint and cost.


VAL utilizes a physical process that does not require chemical additives and reduces moving parts in contact with water, maintenance and discharge into the environment. As part of a photo bioreactor-based waste processor, VAL removes 96 per cent of total suspended solids and dissolved organics. Total organic carbon was reduced from 210 to 7.8 mg/l. 

In independent testing against other foam fractionators, the VAL was 45 per cent more effective in reducing total suspended solids using 66 per cent less energy.

In order to be awarded the Solar Impulse label, the device underwent a rigourous assessment by independent experts, according to five standards: clean water, clean energy, infrastructure, sustainable communities and responsible consumption.

The Solar Impulse Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its 1,000 Solutions program was first created in 2015 to encourage and fast-track new ways to build clean and sustainable solutions for climate change.

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