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RAS Talk: Keys to mitigating off-flavour in RAS-raised fish

Justin Henry and John Davidson

As RAS operations across the world ramp up, it is increasingly important to effectively address off-flavour issues in RAS-grown fish. The research is available for effective mitigation measures and many RAS producers are successfully implementing these recommendations. Justin Henry, director of aquaculture at Habitat Life, and John Davidson, research scientist at the Freshwater Institute, discuss some best practices in mitigating off-flavours.


Justin Henry, director of aquaculture, Habitat Life


John Davidson, research scientist, Freshwater Institute


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2 Comments » for RAS Talk: Keys to mitigating off-flavour in RAS-raised fish
  1. Jaime Orellana says:

    We designed, built and operate a marine RAS with artificial sea-water (3600m³ total volume per module, 4 modules), without a purge system and you can take the fish (yellowtail kingfish, seabass, sea bream) out of the water without any off-flavour. It is a matter of design but the most important thing is management.

  2. Ken Titus says:

    One thing you did not cover unless I missed it was the difference between fresh water, salt water or brackish water as far as film buildup and/or off taste. For example is there less film and /or off taste with salt water? By the way it has been found there is no covid-19 virus and a group in Alaska that will pay $50 Billion Dollars if you can show them the virus. After 50 autopsies in Italy they claim to have found out that the problem is a bacteria. Wash your hands. Mask don’t work and that 6 ft. rule came from a young girls school project that was used by her father that worked for the US government. The 6ft. rule is a school girls guess. If it was a virus it could travel airborne about 90 ft. and mask manufacturers claim their mask won’t filter out a virus. Thanks for your suggestions.

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