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PR Aqua’s new on-demand oxygenation system

April 5, 2021  By RAStech staff

PR Aqua promises 40 times greater oxygen saturation levels with its newest product.

The Pressurized Packed Column, or PPC, is a highly efficient, on-demand oxygenation system that is designed to generate “oxygen-supersaturated water” from a media-packed pressure vessel. 

The PPC is made up of the pressure vessel and media, a high-pressure water pump, VFS, oxygen injection valve and system controls. When low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are detected, the control system triggers the device to blend water and oxygen at pressures from 30 to up to 110psig (8.2 BAR).


The high pressure allows for supersaturated DO in small flows, reducing the size of distribution plumbing. 

The device can be installed on a one PPC to one culture tank basis or a centralized basis where one PPC serves multiple culture tanks through distribution plumbing. It can be easily installed in pre-existing facilities with minimal disruption. 


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