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New range of microbiome sampling kits 

March 13, 2023  By RAStech staff

Luminis Water Technologies launched a range of microbiome sampling kits designed for sample collection and storage anywhere in the world. 

The sample would be sent in to the Luminis lab for Next Gen sequencing and AI-driven metagenomic analysis. Results can be ready within two days. 

The AquaGENius kit works with both freshwater and seawater samples. The SwabGENius kits can sample guts, biofilm, K1 media, lesions and more.

Final client reports include species-level information about seven areas: microbiome imbalances, biodiversity, cyanobacteria, probiotics, pathogen species present and overall load, algae and parasites. 

Microbiome analytics provides risk management, diagnosing mystery problems, early disease detection, water body planning, optimising inputs, and testing quarantined stock for pathogens and diseases. 

The microbiome forms the foundation of health in all aquatic settings. By understanding the very building blocks of wellness in your water gives you an edge on both productivity and yield. 

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