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Large-scale project in Norway becomes beacon for sustainable fish farming

April 1, 2021  Sponsored by by A-Consult

Salmon Evolution (Photo Courtesy: Artec Aqua & Moldskred)

Currently, Salmon Evolution is building an extensive land-based fish farm at Indre Harøy on the Norwegian west coast. When finished in 2028, the site will have an annual capacity of 36.000 tons of sustainably produced high quality salmon. A-Consult provides concrete tanks for the project. 

Reuse and minimal environmental impact
The salmon will be raised in seawater inside huge concrete tanks, each with a capacity of 5,000m3, or two Olympic-sized swimming pools. Due to a hybrid flow-through system, 65 per cent of the water can be reused, and 35 per cent is new supply in the form of filtered fresh seawater. Combining clean and fresh seawater with reused water means, that energy consumption for pumping and heating of water is minimized. Waste and feed residues from the production are collected and used as raw material for biogas production and fertilizer. An impressive project combining rational operation with fish welfare and minimal environmental impact. 

On track with the time schedule
Therese Høy is the administrative project manager at the fish farm of Salmon Evolution. She works at Artec Aqua – the turnkey supplier of the plant. She is very satisfied with the progress of the project:
– Right now we are on track, and I feel confident we will keep the overall time schedule. We have blast away the rocks, prepared the area for the concrete foundation and are currently focusing on the foundation works.


Therese explains that the first stage of the fish farm is expected to be finished during 2022 and comprises 12 fish tanks. A-Consult has had the assignment to deliver these 12 tanks, due to their extensive experience in the field:
– Competence and proven experience is a crucial capability in a large-scale project like this. We know that A-Consult has worked on similar jobs and has the capacity to deliver on quality and know how.

Illustration of eight concrete tanks for Salmon Evolution (Photo: A-Consult Group)

Thankful of Teams
The corona pandemic has of course become an unforeseeable obstacle to the project. Yet, modern technology has – also in this case – been an indispensable tool. And perhaps, the forced virtual cooperation has even intensified the continuous communication in the project. During the last couple of months, Therese and her colleagues in Norway have had weekly sessions with the partners at A-Consult – an advantage, also when working in the 3D-programs used for modelling the project:
– In a complex project such as this one, 3D-modelling is a very efficient tool, and that functions well in real time in Teams, Therese explains. 

At A-Consult, Head Of Design, Rune Toft, shares Therese’s experience, that virtual project meetings have reinforced cooperation:
– It is very important to us at A-Consult to engage in the process and be an active part of the development of the project. We have been able to do that via Teams and have experienced the cooperation as a very smooth process.

Potential for global scaling
A-Consult casts the concrete tanks at factory facilities in Denmark to be able to deliver them ready for installation on site at Indre Harøy. Each tank works like a building, insulated to be able to withstand the harsh climate at the seaside. 

The land-based fish farm in Norway has the potential for global scaling. Salmon Evolution envisions future opportunities for similar projects in Asian markets and in North America. All good for promoting a culture where sustainability and profitability reinforce each other.

  • The project at Indre Harøy
    The total land-based fish farm of Salon Evolution includes 48 water tanks
  •  Annual capacity of the salmon production will reach 36.000 tons, when the project is completed in 2028.
  • The project uses hybrid flow-through technology to ensure optimal growth conditions, limit the risk of parasites and offer the facilities to partly reuse the water. 
  • Salmon Evolution is a member of the Norwegian aquaculture cluster. The company is driven by a highly competent team backed by strong industrial owners.

Learn more: www.aconsult.co.uk


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