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Landslide causes damage at Swiss Lachs AG RAS facility

June 28, 2024  By RAStech staff

(Photo: Swiss Lachs AG)

Switzerland RAS farmer, Swiss Lachs AG, has experienced damage at its Lostallo facility after a landslide on June 21.

In the company’s June 25 press release, it experienced massive amounts of water in its facility and several hours of power cuts and managed to minimize the impact on its operations. Local authorities were called to the scene.

“About 800 meters north of our salmon farm the river flooded and destroyed the national highway N13,” said Ronald Herculeijns, director of sales & marketing at Swiss Lachs AG told Rastech. “Three people are believed to have been killed of which one body has been found.”


Herculeijns said the heavy rainfall and thunderstorms never happened before. “The amount of rain that day was almost as much as the amount of rain for a whole month. Experts say that such events happen every 30 years,” he said.

The facilities were unscathed as they were able to take all the necessary safety measures in time.

The company said it is continuing operations as normal and production processes have not been affected. Its farm shop in Lostallo is open and accessible from the south via the N13 motorway at the Lostallo exit. The Farm Shop can be reached from the north via the cantonal road.

“We are now analyzing the situation and evaluate what needs to be done,” Herculeijns said.

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