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Inside Salmon Evolution's RAS-flowthrough hybrid model

Todd Deligan, North America general manager of Salmon Evolution, shares how the company created its hybrid flowthrough system, how they handled the challenges of running a business and advice for the future planners.

AquaFounders Capital eyes startups, tech providers

Start-ups in the land-based aquaculture sector and companies developing enabling technologies for the aquaculture industry are being closely watched by fledgling investor firm AquaFounders Capital.

What late stage VCs look for in a RAS company

Your recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) company has made it through that critical start-up stage. The challenge now is how to land a late-stage venture capital investor that can help your baby scale up.


Fresh Tips: A remote glimpse with the help of video monitoring

Video monitoring is an excellent tool with many uses for recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) managers. Video monitoring of culture tanks allows observation without the usual disturbance caused by approaching the fish. This allows operators to assess positioning, behaviour, and feeding activity to gain insight into fish health and performance. » Listen Now...

InfiniteSea’s power play

The venture will be deemed a success if that level of output is delivered at a markedly lower energy-to-end-product ratio than many RAS systems have traditionally achieved. In addition, with the farm progressively benefitting from its “state of the art” energy consumption, the business will also become economically profitable, which is always the ultimate goal. » Read More...

Power Struggle: Time for an energy reboot

Energy security is about diversity in supply, to have the ability to substitute one supply easily and quickly for another. The inevitability of a growing shift away from hydrocarbon toward more sustainable energy sources is making the powerful people realize that their power might become limited. » Read More...



Aquaculture Canada 2023   

May 7-10, 2023
Victoria, B.C., Canada
»

World Aquaculture 2023   

May 29-June 1, 2023
Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia
»