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Super Spotlight
Brought to you by Alumichem
Do you want to ensure operations are meeting local government regulations? Alumichem got you covered with turnkey solutions for effluent treatment.
Editor's Note 
Yesterday, we published the first of two keynote recordings from this year's RASTECH 2024 conference on our RAS Talk podcast. The second keynote on commissioning by James Tuller of Pure Salmon Technology is coming soon.
- Jean Ko Din, Editor

RASLogic wins top consultancy award

RASLogic, an aquaculture consultancy company, has received the 2024 Scandinavian Business Award for best consultancy company within food tech. 

Aquaculture Canada 2024: research highlights benefits of ozone on trout RAS farm

Dave Gilbert, president and owner of EmO3, an ozone air and water treatment company, has revealed the results of a study of ozone in water treatment for trout land-based farms.

Nuvonic’s UV technology receives NVI approval

Nuvonic, a global UV technology solutions provider has received approval from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI), a biomedical research institute specializing in biosecurity.

Sponsored Spotlight 

From Hatchery to Harvesting, Faivre products answer all your needs

FAIVRE offers you a complete range of grading packs for fishes in between 0.5g and 3.5 kg.

The benefits of a complete FAIVRE grading solution:
  • The benefits of a complete FAIVRE grading solution:
  • Guarantees compatibility between all your equipment,
  • Counters and a fish pump adapted to the size and speed of the grader,
  • Connecting elements included,
  • Power is centralised on a single control box.
» Learn More
Featured Story 

RASTECH24: A vision for RAS' future with Ohad Maiman and Thue Holm of Aqua Founders Capital

Aqua Founders Capital managing directors, Ohad Maiman and Thue Holm, share insights on the challenges they hope to address in the recirculating aquaculture industry. They also offer an update on their latest projects, Farm in a Box and The Black Cod Company. This episode is a live recording of the keynote session at the RASTECH 2024 Conference and Trade Fair on June 5, 2024, in Charlotte, N.C., USA. » Read more
Fresh Tips 

Navigating mental hazards at work

The hazards in a RAS workplace can range from slips and falls, toxic gas inhalation, chemical exposure, disease, and drowning. Recent occupational health studies have begun to characterize the risks aquaculture and RAS-specific workers face. » Read More...

A remote glimpse with the help of video monitoring

Video monitoring is an excellent tool with many uses for recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) managers. Video monitoring of culture tanks allows observation without the usual disturbance caused by approaching the fish. » Read More...



2024 Shrimp Summit

June 27-29, 2024
Chennai, India
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July 2-5, 2024
Surabaya, Indonesia
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WINAA 2024

Sept. 5, 2024
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USTFA 2024 Fall Conference 

Sept. 11-13, 2024
Corning, USA
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