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Developing geothermal energy for land-based aquaculture

January 11, 2022  By  Nestor Arellano

A Norway-based energy company is proposing the use of geothermal energy as a more sustainable way of operating land-based aquaculture facilities.

Rock Energy uses its technology to heat sports arenas, parking facilities, sidewalks, industrial buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, malls, and residential buildings.

Now, the company has its eyes on the land-based aquacuture industry.

The idea of using geothermal energy to heat a land-based aquaculture facility is not new.

For instance, Dutch researchers working on the Geofood project have developed an energy model for the combination of geothermal-greenhouse horticulture-aquaculture.

With hundreds of land-based operations aiming for annual salmon production in excess of 2.7 million tons, Rock Energy forecasts growing demand for energy to run these facilities.

By using geothermal energy land-based aquaculture companies can heat and power their facilities more economically and sustainably, according to Rock Energy.

The company said it can provide systems that deliver energy that is stable, local, and independent of power grids.

“Our technology will be utilized for a new, holistic and unique energy concept. The solution is based on offering the aquaculture industry energy, in the form of heat and electric power production,” said Lars Due, chief operating office of Rock Energy.

Rock Energy is aims to install a number of facilities that are owned and operated through
various single purpose vehicles (SPVs). The company said players in the aquaculture industry will also have the opportunity to become co-owners.

Each individual SPV will sell capacity and energy supply to the aquaculture industry.


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