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NewsIndustry updateSustainability

January 2, 2020
UN, Chinese fisheries academy to boost aquaculture sustainability

NewsFeeding and NutritionManagement

January 1, 2020
Feed problems threaten aquaculture gains in Sub-Saharan Africa


December 31, 2019
Burbot comeback inspires commercial aquaculture ideas

NewsIndustry update

December 27, 2019
Cooke Aquaculture orders $11.5-m RAS unit from AKVA

NewsFeeding and Nutrition

December 26, 2019
Skretting releases feed designed for tilapia sector

NewsIndustry update

December 23, 2019
Whole Ocean foresees ‘smooth transition’ in takeover of B.C. land-based salmon farm

NewsIndustry updateRegulationsSustainability

December 19, 2019
Canadian fisheries minister receives mandate to push land-based fish farms

NewsIndustry update

December 18, 2019
8F Asset, Pure Salmon partner in Brunei RAS venture

NewsIndustry update

December 16, 2019
New Brunswick firm eyes lobster plant for land-based salmon farm

NewsIndustry updateSustainability

December 11, 2019
Scottish Sea Farms release double-sized smolts from RAS hatchery

NewsFeeding and NutritionResearch

December 10, 2019
Seaweed enhanced diet protects sea bass from infection

NewsIndustry update

December 9, 2019
Work begins on pilot RAS facility in Norway

NewsFeeding and Nutrition

December 5, 2019
BioMar introduces trout feed for RAS facilities

NewsIndustry updateManagement

December 4, 2019
AquaMaof names new execs, announces growth plans

NewsIndustry updateFeeding and NutritionSustainability

December 3, 2019
Japanese startup develops plan to stop marine damage caused by sea urchins

NewsIndustry updateRegulationsSustainability

December 2, 2019
€7m project to deliver new aquaculture tools by 2020

NewsIndustry updateFeeding and Nutrition

November 29, 2019
Nova Scotia feed company ends $20.3-M expansion project

NewsIndustry update

November 27, 2019
Shellfish aquaculture startup lands €2.7-M grant


November 26, 2019
Solar energy gives aquaculture a boost in SHRIMPS project


November 25, 2019
Tilapia farmers use native mix to combat soaring feed price

NewsIndustry updateAquaponicsSustainability

November 22, 2019
Aquaponics company unveils non-GMO certified salmon

NewsIndustry updateMarineRegulationsSustainability

November 21, 2019
Dutch firm to build RAS facility in Maine lobster fishing community

NewsIndustry updateResearchSustainability

November 20, 2019
PhD position in aquaculture research in Scotland offered

NewsIndustry updateShowcaseFeeding and NutritionSustainability

November 19, 2019
Skretting to release fish feed ‘optimized for RAS’


November 18, 2019
Land-based farming discussed in salmon conservation event

NewsIndustry updateManagement

November 13, 2019
AquaBounty expects ‘modest’ GM salmon sales in 2020 despite US$9.8-M net loss


November 12, 2019
Blue Unit offers data visualization tool for RAS operators


November 11, 2019
Here’s how gas suppliers can help RAS newbies

NewsIndustry update

November 7, 2019
Appointment of CFO ‘completes’ Salmon Evolution’s organization

NewsIndustry updateRegulationsSustainability

November 5, 2019
Board approves Nordic Aquafarms plan for California RAS facility

NewsIndustry updateResearch

November 4, 2019
Aquaexcel2020 call for research now open


November 1, 2019
Rotating biological contactor boosts RAS filtration, says manufacturer