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BioMar to focus on land-based fish farms

October 7, 2019  By  Nestor Arellano

Denmark-based fish food manufacturer, BioMar is zeroing in on the growing market for feeding solutions for the recirculating aquaculture system market.

The company said it believes it can help “efficiency and operational stability” for land-based fish farms by providing operators with better feeding solutions.

“RAS for land-based salmon farming is an emerging segment within the aquaculture industry, and there is still a potential to be realized,” Carlos Diaz, chief executive officer of BioMar Group, said in a press statement recently. “The highly advanced technologies being used require highly advanced feed solutions and farming practices to enable a strong performance.”


BioMar actually began developing its ORBIT product range in the late 1980s in response to the impact of land-based farming operations on the water quality of rivers and creeks.

The concept behind ORBIT was developed by BioMar Continental Europe for the production of portion trout in RAS. ORBIT for trout has resulted in an increase in production of up to 20 per cent with the same biofilter capacity, according to the company.

ORBIT for salmon is also designed for RAS. It is engineered for high growth and a low feed conversion ratio. The product reduces the load on biofilters, provides better water quality and allows increased production using the existing biofilter capacity.

BioMar has created a task for selected based on their local and global results within the RAS industry. Members of this team have as much as 15 to 25 years of experience working as product developers and customer advisors within the aquaculture world.

“As a strategic initiative, we have brought all of our RAS-specialists into a global task force. They are working together with global as well as local customers accelerating the next generation of feed solutions for RAS,” Diaz said.

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